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Letting Services

Lettings & Rent Collection
Services included in tlc's fees are:

  • Finding a suitable tenant for the property, subject to contract and references. 
  • Applying for and obtaining relevant references and credit checks through an Independent referencing company. We can give no warranties to the suitability of a prospective tenant. In signing the tenancy agreement the landlord or the landlord's agent will be deemed to have seen and accepted any references obtained by tlc on the landlord's behalf.
  • Advise the in going tenant(s) of the procedure for registering with the appropriate services (where applicable) into the tenant's name for supply during the tenancy period.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, we shall negotiate the terms of the tenancy of the property on your behalf on the basis of our standard tenancy agreement. Landlords instructing their own solicitors to prepare Tenancy Agreements are responsible for the resulting fees. tlc will not sign landlord's own tenancy agreements on behalf of the landlord however will sign tlc own Tenancy Agreements on behalf of landlords if requested.
  • Collect one or more months’ rent in advance from the tenant at the commencement of the tenancy and we will provide the tenants with standing order mandates in order to ensure regular payments from their bank. We will also collect a tenant’s deposit equivalent to 6 weeks rent in accordance with Clause 11. Subsequent rents will be collected and forwarded, once cleared via BACS payment to the Landlords requested account within 7 working days.
Lettings & Management
For those who would also like their property managed, in addition to tlc's Rent Collection Service mentioned above, with Abingdon Estates LLP we will also:
  • Arrange and co-ordinate the tenant(s) occupation and vacation of the premises. The Check in and Check-out of tenants from the property (if applicable) will be arranged through a third party independent company and charged to the Landlord for the check in and the tenant for the check out. Price list available upon request.
  • Advise tenants to switch all the services (telephone, gas, electricity, water authority if applicable) on their name at commencement of the letting for the period of tenancy.  This includes notification to the local authority for council tax purposes. Abingdon Estates LLP cannot be held liable if services are disconnected or not transferred by the utility companies.
  • We will by pre-arrangement provide property visits twice per year whilst the tenant(s) are in occupation and forward a written report on the condition of the property, listing any problems that have arisen and the action which needs to be taken.  
  • Arrange for appropriate tradesmen to effect necessary repairs and decoration 
  • We deal with day to day management matters, including minor repairs 
  • Pay current outgoings such as rent and any service charges and/or maintenance charges and account to you regularly.
  • Manage the property in the vacant period between tenancies for the maximum period of 1 month or until new terms of business have been agreed. This service terminates in event if property is let to tenants not introduced by TLC.
  • On your instruction obtain any licence or consent that is required from your landlord or their appointed managing agent. If in doubt, please refer to the lease or check with your landlord.
tlc will collect a deposit from the tenant to safeguard against damage. At the end of the tenancy we will inspect the property and the costs of any work attributed to the tenant will be deducted from the deposit. Forward the Inventory Check-out Report to the Landlord and Tenant for action and costing. Refund, or, apportion the deposit as agreed by both the Landlord and the Tenant, on agreement in writing from both the Landlord and Tenant.

Property Inventory
tlc recommend landlords have a Full Inventory and Schedule of Condition of your Property prior to any Tenant taking occupation.We will check if the tenant wishes to be present at the Check-In and that both parties are in agreement with the initial condition of the property.

At the end of a tenancy the Inventory Clerk will again attend the property and check the original Inventory against any damage that may have been caused during the tenancy. It is the Check-out Report upon which any claims against the deposit are calculated.

tlc renewals department will contact tenants twomonths prior to the end of the tenancy to ascertain if they wish to renew their tenancy. We will negotiate the extension or renewal of the tenancy including any mutually acceptable rent increase if required and agreed, and prepare the relevant documentation. Prepare the extension documents including drafting any amended or additional clauses agreed between the parties which vary from the terms of the original Tenancy Agreement. Arrange for the extension documents to be signed by the start date of the new Term of the Tenancy and send the signed documents received by us to the relevant party.

Our Fees
To download a comprehensive PDF with all of tlc's fees for landlords, please click here.

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