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Assistant Block Manager

Job title: Assistant Block Manager


Purpose of the position:

Our team needs an enthusiastic, dynamic, superbly organised, and committed individual who can help our successful and unique Block Management department. You will be working with Jamie and the Team to ensure that the department is organised, effective and runs smoothly and that we build the very best relationships with the leaseholders and freeholders that we can. The department is the most important in the business because if we get block management right, and on a personal level, then our sales and lettings teams have an endless supply of stock thanks to clients who already trust us due to your natural willingness to help and expertise. 


Ideal Responsibilities & duties

Responsibility 1 – Working alongside the Senior Block Managers, helping them to create and maintain strong client relationships with our leaseholders and freeholders. Ensuring that a firm trust is established from the outset so that communication is fluid, easy, and frequent. Strong communication skills and the ability to listen are key.

Responsibility 2 – Our buildings are the physical representation of our brand in action so regular property visits to ensure the buildings look as good as they can and being inventive in ways to make them unique and stand out. To achieve this a basic grounding of building make up will be helpful and the ability to manage contractors will be essential. The buildings we look after are all within 10-15 minute walk away so easy to keep on top of.

Responsibility 3 – Your skills of mediation and patience will be invaluable when asked to attend AGMs for the buildings alongside the Senior Block Managers. The ability to take accurate minutes will also be required but above all, a good sense of humour and positivity is necessary as these AGMs are a real opportunity to spend some face time with our clients and find out more about them and their local investments and wider interests. This is a trust- building exercise and also our opportunity to really impress.

Responsibility 4 – We pride ourselves on producing the responses to the LPE1 form and pre-contract enquiries very quickly and efficiently – we like to impress solicitors and clients and also make the selling process that one bit easier.

Responsibility 5 – You will need to keep an eye on day-to-day expenditure and also have a decent financial grasp so you can work with Mel & Chris to make sure all the service charge accounts look like they need to and are all correct and schedules are correctly allocated.

Responsibility 6 – Finally you will need to assist the Senior Block Managers to ensure that all the buildings are up to date with the latest regulations so it will be important to have a good grasp of the fire regulations, health and safety requirements, Legionella etc... and just ensure that all the required assessments and resulting actions are implemented in the best way possible (that often means in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible!).

Responsibility 7 – Assisting the Senior Block Managers with other day to day tasks including adding invoices, answering incoming calls and monitoring the team inbox.


Academic & trades qualifications

Competent A levels or similar qualifications


On the job qualifications we support in the role:

  • ARMA, IRPM and any other relevant industry qualifications you might like to learn more about such as company secretarial, health and safety, and legal etc...
  • Advanced Microsoft office courses
  • Anything else you believe will improve you and your career with us.


Work experience & skills

Microsoft Office competence

General exceptional references from previous employers are definitely going to be key.


Personal qualities & behavioural traits

Planning and Organisation Guru – The whole team will be relying on the relationships you build so you’re going to need to excel in this field.

Communication and Reaction – you will be the face and voice of the company so the ability to listen and understand what is needed in any situation is key. The ability to then communicate with our clients and your team making sure you all have / know what you need to be exceptional.

Team Player – This is essential as we judge ourselves as a unit and our teamwork and team spirit is key to our success.

Hard-working and fun – we bundle the two together here because you need to be a driven and committed individual wanting to excel at your job and also create a good atmosphere in the process. Whilst you are successfully doing that, we want to ensure that the role and environment is as productive and fun as it can be so that it keeps TLC as one of the best places to work. We like to reward and celebrate with staff for jobs well done – for us the two are always hand in hand.

Naturally inquisitive and problem solving aptitude – Management is all about knowing the facts and mediating a situation to get the best possible result. You will need to want to be hands on in discovering all the facts of a situation, be it a repair, leak, personality clash etc... and then follow through the task to the successful end.