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Client Accounts Assistant

Job title: Client Accounts Assistant

Reporting to: Caterina Cannas (Head of Client Accounts)

Salary: Competitive salary based on experience

Office & Working Hours:

  • 08:30 – 18:00 Monday
  • 09:00 – 18:00 Tuesday – Friday


Purpose of the position:

Our Award-Winning team needs an enthusiastic, dynamic, superbly organised, and committed individual who can help support our Client Accounts Department in our successful and unique Estate Agency.
You will be working with Caterina and the Lettings and Property Management Team to ensure that the department is organised, effective, runs smoothly and that we build the very best relationships with our Landlords and Tenants.

The department is the most important in the business because ultimately the one thing we must get right above all else for the Clients is their financials! If they can trust that we will excel in the financials, then they will trust us with everything else and we will have a great Client for life.


Ideal Responsibilities & duties

Responsibility 1 – Creating and maintaining strong client relationships with our Landlords and Tenants. Ensuring that a firm trust is established from the outset so that communication is fluid, easy, and frequent. Strong communication skills and the ability to listen are key.

Responsibility 2 – Daily Reconciliation of the Client bank account to make sure all rents are in and all Landlords and contractors paid. In the build-up to this rent reminders will have gone out and third-party remittance advices too. We pride ourselves on collecting rent efficiently and paying our Landlords and suppliers punctually.

Responsibility 3 – The files will be audited annually so they need to be meticulously kept. Once they reach you then you are the last line of checking and will need to make sure that the files are completed in perfect ARLA audit-ready heaven.

Responsibility 4 – Deal with incoming queries, both internal and external, in a responsive and informed manner, managing expectations appropriately. You will need to work closely with Lettings and Property Management, make sure deposits are paid out to the DPS custodial scheme within the required deadline, chase any arrears, implement RPI rent increases, help manage Landlord floats.

Responsibility 5 – You will need to have an understanding of the Non-Resident Landlord scheme (nothing in depth but at least be aware!).

Responsibility 6 – Finally you will be expected to speak to our Clients and involve yourself in the community we serve. We are proud to be an integral part of the community in Kensington & Chelsea and, as such, help run a plethora of events throughout the year; some of which you will be expected to attend. These events are our opportunity to really get to know our Clients and for them to get to know us; they show we care and that we really are a cut above the rest.

Work experience & skills

Reapit software experience

Minimum one year experience working within a lettings business as a Client
Accountant (knowledge of basic process such as Rent Run, Bankline, Landlords payment run, deposit releases, paying invoices, Contractors payment run)

ARLA Client Money handling knowledge is preferable but not essential Intermediate Microsoft Office skills
Exceptional references from previous employers are key.
Personal qualities & behavioural traits

All about the details – You’re in the money so we need to make sure it’s all penny perfect, invoices checked, bank details confirmed, and you maintain that eye for detail.

Planning and Organisation Guru – The whole team will be relying on the relationships you build so you’re going to need to excel in this field.

Communication and Reaction – you will be the face and voice of the company so the ability to listen and understand what is needed in any situation is key. The ability to then communicate with our clients and your team making sure you all have/know what you need to be exceptional.

Team Player – This is essential as we judge ourselves as a unit and our teamwork and team spirit is key to our success.

Hard-working and fun – we bundle the two together here because you need to be a driven and committed individual wanting to excel at your job and also create a good atmosphere in the process. Whilst you are successfully doing that, we want to ensure that the role and environment is as productive and fun as it can be so that it keeps TLC as one of the best places to work. We like to reward and celebrate with staff for jobs well done – for us the two are always hand in hand.

Naturally inquisitive and problem-solving aptitude – Accounts is a precise science, and every last penny needs to match and balance. You need to be keen to get to the bottom of any potentially unallocated monies and ensure that there are no mysteries in accounts!

On the job qualifications we support in the role:

  • ARLA and any other relevant industry qualifications you might like to learn more about such as non-resident Landlord Tax and ARMA requirements.

  • Advanced Microsoft office courses

  • Anything else you believe will improve you and your career with us.