Olimpia Loredan

Olimpia Loredan

Events and Marketing Assistant

What is your role at tlc?

Events and Marketing Assistant

What is your background?

I have a degree in English literature with Art History, and a creative Masters from Central Saint Martins. I have had several experiences in marketing and in the conceptualisation of various projects where creativity, research, and organisational skills come together. 

Being able to practice these three pillars made me fall in love with marketing. 

What values drive you?

Kindness, perseverance, and a whimsical vision of the world

What are your objectives for tlc over the next 12 months?

To use my creativity and organisational skills to support tlc’s marketing efforts and assist in the creation of the wonderful events that bring joy to the community. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

I enjoy spending time in nature, taking long walks in the park. Yoga is an activity that also keeps me grounded. When I feel like being cosy, I love to draw while listening to shows or music. 

What is your favourite song?

Pompeii by Bastille

What is one thing that might surprise people about you?

I love the Lord of the Rings films

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

It might be a little mainstream, but I would definitely be a cat.

What are three things on your bucket list?

Learn more about plants

Become fluent in Spanish 

Travel to Asia