Samantha Hossack

What is your role at tlc?

I joined tlc in June 2011 with 7 years’ experience in the industry. We were a small team back in 2011 with one office on Hogarth Place and one Lettings Negotiator. We have grown enormously in the last 12 years and I am now a very proud Director with a growing team of incredible colleagues working across our 3 offices.

What is your background?

I grew up in Reigate, Surrey, with my parents, two sisters and our dog Ben, a black Labrador. Both of my parents were born in London and we visited my Grandparents in Kensington most weekends.
Although I am a country girl at heart, moving to London to further my career was a natural progression for me because the area was already so familiar. I started my career in Dorking, Surrey, where our properties ranged from one bedroom commuter apartments, through to barn conversions with acres of land and a swimming pool. The company I worked for were already ARLA members; which was rare 19 years ago and it was the perfect start for me because I studied the legal side of the industry from day one.

What do you enjoy about working at tlc?

There is no other company quite like tlc. Our attitude to the day job is different to the average High Street agent. Where they focus on the figures and targets, we focus on ensuring our community is thriving and we are doing everything in our power to provide a bespoke, high-end service to our clients. As a company, we put on no less than 40 community events over the course of the year. These include jazz parties in the garden squares, a summer play, a film festival and switching on the Earls Court Road Christmas lights. In addition to that, staff training is of paramount importance to us to ensure every colleague is given the tools they need to excel in their role and provide an exceptional service to our clients. We also focus on personal development for our staff, as well as professional development. We believe that it is necessary to be engaged in all aspects of life to fully succeed. Finally, we have three adorable office dogs who make everything okay, even on the toughest days.

What are your objectives for tlc over the next 12 months?

My focus for the next 12 months is on developing our incredible Property Management team. They are at the core of everything we do, providing the ongoing service throughout the tenancy to both Landlord and Tenant and ensuring both parties are happy, even when things are not going as well as we might like. We are looking to bring in a new service that is a first for the industry and has a completely different take on what most people expect from a Property Management team. We are hoping to roll this out later in the summer so watch this space!

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

I have three passions outside of work. They are family, travel and food. I am blessed to be an auntie to four nephews and a niece so I try to get back to Surrey and spend time with them as often as I can. When I am not in Surrey, I will mostly be exploring the world. Whether it is a city break to Europe or something further afield, I am simply addicted to the feeling I get from landing in a new place and immersing myself in the culture. Finally, I am an avid foodie. London has endless, incredible options, so I eat out at every opportunity.

What is your favourite song?

Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits, it reminds me of a very happy time in my life. I was 15 and we were performing Romeo & Juliet as a school play. Before we went on stage, our drama teacher sat us all down and played this song, followed by a reading of a beautiful poem that includes the line: “They are not long, the days of wine & roses” – Two years later, a good friend of mine who was sat with me during this song, passed away in a car accident. Only then did I truly appreciate the meaning behind those words. Now, every time I hear this song, it reminds me of her and it makes me smile.

What is one thing that might surprise people about you?

I suffer from anxiety. To the outside world, I come across as confident and outgoing – I travel on my own regularly, I am independent, and I have a career I am incredibly proud of. Despite these things, I still suffer from panic attacks that will come on without any warning or reason. I have found coping mechanisms for this which includes exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, but ultimately, anxiety can affect even the strongest of people, including me.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A Blue Footed Booby. They are beautiful birds found on the Galapagos Islands and unsurprisingly they have bright blue feet. I would choose this bird, not only because of its rarity and beauty, but the males and females are almost identical in every way which is exactly how it should be.

What are three things on your bucket list?

I have been fortunate enough to tick off quite a few from my bucket list. Those include summiting Kilimanjaro, watching a Men’s Wimbledon final with my Mum and snorkelling with sharks in Belize. As a result, I now have two lists – those I have ticked off and those to be completed. It is just as important to look back and appreciate your achievements.