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The Chelsea Staging Company approaches staging projects with your goal in mind and offers services that are tailored to return the best results for your investment.

This service is designed for vacant investment properties whose owners need full staging support. We will work with you to determine your budget, timeframe and overall goal. With a few key pieces of furniture, décor and our creative and design expertise, we will turn your empty space into an inviting purchase or rental.
Our custom solutions for business clients save time and money. We take care of all the details and logistics required to transform your property. After determining what is needed, we shop for all items that must be purchased, from towels to furniture. We can also receive items upon delivery so that you do not have to worry about waiting around for them. This service includes quick assembly and furniture arrangement as well as proper placement of accessories so that you can list your investment property immediately.

This solution is best for homeowners who already own a lot of furniture but need help updating their décor to make their home feel bigger, fresher and more inviting to prospective buyers or renters. We will transform your home by removing clutter, assessing needed repairs, repurposing and rearranging furniture, adding appropriate accessories and determining the most fitting style for your home to appeal to a range of buyers or renters.

With so many choices on the market today, it is essential that property owners know how to pull everything together when remodelling. We will assist you during this process by helping you select the right design details for your project. We will assess your needs and work with your architect and contractor to determine what needs to be done, researching options and presenting them to you for final approval. Once the remodel plan is finalised, you can choose to participate in the sourcing and shopping or you can leave this task to us entirely.

This is a high touch sophisticated professional service that combines our thorough understanding and expertise to simply provide comfort to clients who are moving or entirely reorganising a home. As the property “virtual owner”*, we can supervise detailed packing and unpacking from one property to another as well as care for all logistics involved to fully reinstall the new home. The client’s comfort and happiness remain our priority, so we welcome desired suggestions and guidance during the reinstallation and organisation process. However, if your time is limited, we will be pleased to manage the entire project.

Your home does not have to be on the market to change it up a bit. Sometimes, it is necessary to refresh your home, just for yourself, with the help of an outside perspective. If you feel your home has gone dull or your furniture and décor no longer work for you, we can stage your home and find ways to bring it back to life.

4.9/5 from our valued customers.
Rated 4.9 out of 5 from our valued customers.
Our Heroes Stories
The icing on top of the cake after Gary's redevelopment

The icing on top of the cake after Gary's redevelopment

Staging Stephen's wonder home

Staging Stephen's wonder home

Two vacant properties, sharply staged, let two weeks later

Two vacant properties, sharply staged, let two weeks later

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