20% off all Tambia Coffee

Tambia Coffee, Specialty Colombian coffee. 20% off your first purchase at www.tambiacoffee.com  (promo code: TLCxTAMBIA)

Our speciality Colombian coffee is consistently rated 5 stars on Trustpilot by our customers.  We have over 40 years of experience growing specialty coffee on our farms, which are located on volcanic mountain slopes in Antioquia, Colombia, ideally suited to coffee growing.

Until 2022, our beans have reached coffee drinkers via exporters and again via roasters and possibly a coffee shop or grocery store. However, we think it’s time to simplify the process, and bring our beans to you directly. Not via anyone else - just us from start to finish… or as we say, from our farms direct to your cup.

Our UK business is headquartered in Earls Court and we are delighted to share a special discount to our TLC community and our friends and neighbours in Kensington and Chelsea.

Check out our favourite roast: Medium with Dark Chocolate and Summer Berry note

And, dont forget to use your special TLC VIP promotion code (TLCxTAMBIA)  at check out to received 20% off your first purchase of coffee with Tambia. 

20% off all Tambia Coffee - tlc Estate Agents
20% off all Tambia Coffee - tlc Estate Agents
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