How great video can help market your property

November 7th 2023 /Videos / Share this Article

When marketing your property, it's important to go beyond the extra mile. Take this example, the BEST apartment in Coleherne Court I have ever seen…and I should know: I lived there! Our exclusive video preview showcases exactly why one of the great secrets of our Royal Borough, with it's award winning communal gardens, Coleherne Court is a showstopper. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video says it all.

On a recent conference I attended run by the National Association of Estate Agents and The Property Academy, Virtual Tours were being promoted as ‘the way forward’ for marketing your home.

I would argue; however, the wrong type of virtual tour could actually have a negative impact on selling your flat too.

There are a lot of ‘clever cameras’ one can cheaply buy which circle round properties giving you a tour but actually distort the rooms rather than promote them. Take any video off the Foxtons' website for instance: they make the rooms feel smaller than they are and may well make a buyer think they wont bother to come and see the flat altogether. They could say to themselves ‘I’ve seen it already’…completely ruining your chances of actually showing the place to someone in person.

I am much more of a fan of the old adage ‘less is more’. Put 5 or 6 quality photographs online rather than 24 photos from every angle possible….make sure you get the buyer / tenant through the door.

If you are to use virtual tours however, do it properly. Take this example for instance: a properly filmed, sharply edited short video with a crisp (probably a little cheesy too) voice over will ensure a buyer’s appetite is whetted rather than waterlogged.

A little more thought on this marketing idea can have a lot more impact. 

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