Selling your Property | Everything you need to know

Selling your home

Whether you are selling your family home or rental investment or you are the executor of an estate in charge of selling property, every sale is different and at tlc we pride ourselves on creating a bespoke marketing strategy for you.

Our priviledge to be your guides

As your most valuable asset and the key to your future home purchases, we know how sensitive and emotional, selling your home is. They say it is probably the most stressful thing you will ever do and having just done it myself again, I can absolutely agree (frankly I would not recommend moving to anyone!).

It is a privilege for us to hold your hand through this process and be your guide to help you on your way to your next destination. We will listen to your wants and needs in terms of price and timeframe for sale but also give you realistic and achievable valuation and target dates to completion for you to take note of too.

When and how to sell your rental investment

If you have a rental investment, it is often tricky to sell this with an incumbent tenant in place.We like to take charge of this situation and make sure your tenant is all onboard with our marketing strategy too.

Agreeing specific time slots on a Wednesday between 5 and 7 pm and Saturday between 11 and 2pm for instance says to a tenant we care about them and their plans and we do not want to bother you too much but also forces buyers into seeing a property at the same time (or back to back) so they have to make a decision quicker.

Our CGI photography suite enables us to clear away any tenants mess and present the property you would want it to be seen online but we can also organise cleaners to come prior to block viewing periods.

If your property is presenting very poorly though and the tenant will not assist a sale we will tell you honestly to wait until it becomes vacant so to not lose the most important first two weeks of marketing when the property really does not look as good as it can.
I went into a flat the other day which another agent was letting to behold a floor to ceiling pole for dancing around positioned in the middle of the living room: it was not sale ready!

Marketing like no other

No other agent will take as much time and focus on the launch of your property as we do from photography and floorplans to launching strategies and open house staging.

We like to be aggressive generally in our approach to marketing and create a platform for FOMO to breed. That is where our open house technique comes in: everyone wants something someone else has or wants so putting on an open house, enables that Fear of Missing Out to blossom and ensure buyers put their money where their mouth is sooner rather than later.
It also gives buyers a level playing field to view and bid on properties within an allocated timeframe so it is fair on their front too.
Most importantly though, it ensures you get either the very best price via a bidding war within two weeks of marketing or tells you the price is wrong or the market is not quite good enough to sell for what the property should be worth in that moment. We obviously will be aiming for the former.

Probate Sale Specialists

If you’re selling a probate property in particular, we have over 60 years experience in guiding you through this process. A sale process and agreement can proceed in tandem with probate being granted but we will set realistic expectations with a buyer in terms of time frame. An open house style strategy may well not be an appropriate one here but an off market approach may well be. We will listen attentively to your wishes and needs here and agree on a marketing approach to suit you and your family. 

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