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Auctioneer, Marketeer, Music Man 

Over the last 10 years, I have played many parts: Estate Agent, Negotiator, Manager, Producer, Director, Actor, Husband and Dad (last two need improvement!).

Having graduated at Drama School with a Masters in Performance: my main day job is Estate Agent (of course!) but mastering performance does of course lend itself to other avenues and the perfect hybrid of Salesman and Actor is an Auctioneer. 

It’s been a great joy to put on my tap shoes and wield the mallet for many schools, charities and organisations wanting to raise funds for great causes. It is a role which, I guess, rather suits my personality best.

Over the years, I have been delighted to seduce audiences out of over £500,000 and help charities like Reffetorio Felix feed the homeless every day, and schools like Bousfield build new classrooms. 

I never charge a fee for the auctions I host, as I just want to make sure as much is raised for the organisation as possible. So if you are looking to fund raise in the near future, give me a call and we will work out a way to make sure your audience is as generous as they want to be! 


All the best 


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