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Toby's Top Ten Restaurants

In our Toby’s Top Ten series, we share with you our favourite restaurants, the best schools, cosy cafes and iconic pubs to travel far and wide for. 

First up, let’s explore the plethora of restaurants on offer, whether you’re looking for a casula night out, a cosy Sunday meal or a great place to get the family together, we can be your guides. 


La Pappardella:

A simply authentic Italian restaurant serving pizza and traditional cuisine. La Pappardella has perfected the wonderfully classical Italian flavours that they serve in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere. 

They offer a great variety of dishes prepared with high quality ingredients and will treat you to very generous portions. Would definitely recommend it if you are in search of a tasty, wholesome meal.



Vibrant, cool, and effortlessly contemporary, Brinkley’s will assuredly be an experience. Whether you come in for a drink at the bar or for a taste of their delicious home-cooked style food, Brinkley’s has you covered. 

If you find yourself to be a wine connoisseur, you will surely appreciate the sophisticated wine list, which is regularly updated. Take a seat on the terrace, have a bite, and enjoy the fun and lively atmosphere.


Tendido Cero:

Dying to taste Spain’s unique take on cuisine? Tendido Cero is the restaurant for you. Serving authentic tapas from across Spain, they never disappoint in the quality and presentation of their dishes or in their friendly attitude. 

Sit back and admire the handsome toreros that adorn the walls, and let yourself be carried by the warm and dynamic ambiance, which will beyond doubt put you in a good mood.


Flora Indica:

If you are in search of an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere where vibrant spices will enrich your dishes, then Flora Indica is the place for you. This is a British-inspired Indian restaurant that pays poetic homage to 19th-century Scottish botanists who travelled to India.

Their colourful dishes are beautiful, flavourful, and innovative. The venue has a lounge bar for a relaxing cocktail after work and casual all-day dining, as well as a more formal dining space for when you're feeling fancy.


Maggie Jones:

Straight out of a whimsical fantasy, Maggie Jones will make you forget that you find yourself in one of the busiest cities in the world. One step through the threshold, and the customer is transported to an 18th-century-like countryside farm house. 

The dishes are traditional and comforting, as if cooked by your extremely talented and loving grandmother. The ambiance at night is magical, perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner and a wondrous journey through time.


San Pietro:

This Neapolitan-owned restaurant is a true hidden gem. San Pietro has a familiar yet sophisticated atmosphere where you can eat elevated Italian cuisine such as seafood, sourdough pizzas, and pasta. Truth be told, the pizza is spot-on and the fish is tasty and fresh.  

The delicious dishes can also be enjoyed at the bar, where the customer can see the food being prepared for compelling entertainment. The overall ambiance is welcoming, and intimate, would definitely recommend!


Kitchen W8:

Looking for a Michelin-starred restaurant that won’t break your bank? Kitchen W8 is the one! Indeed, they won a Michelin star in 2011, which they still possess today. 

It has all the qualities of a starred restaurant without the pretentiousness that usually comes with it. Indeed, it was designed to be a friendly and easy establishment with delectable homey food. Contemporary and stylish, this restaurant is worth the detour.



You are in for a very pleasant surprise if you venture into this little Lebanese restaurant. Indeed, Orjowan offers outstanding skewered kebabs, slow-cooked meat, and mezze while maintaining excellent customer service. 

They have a wide range of dishes and are very generous with their portions and dipping sauces. The hummus is to die for. Additionally, your evening could take a livelier turn if you decide to let yourself go wild at their karaoke lounge.


The Abingdon:

With a refined gastropub ambiance and a lovely British menu, The Abingdon is ideal for any occasion, from the casual to the more formal. This family-owned restaurant is considered one of London’s best upmarket restaurants and wine bars. 

The interior is comfortable and stylish, with some private booths available, and you will find a lovely outdoor sitting area. The sticky toffee pudding is a must-try!


Le Colombier:

Le Colombier is a fantastic old-school French restaurant with a typical Parisian brasserie menu. The traditional decor extends to their charming year-round covered terrace, which is heated during the winter and has a lovely atmosphere. In addition to the delicious food, the wine selection is impressive, and the staff is efficient and friendly. Therefore, embrace your French side and enjoy a well-deserved dose of refinement.


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