Our Favourite Local Businesses | Spotlight on Over Under

Our Favourite Local Businesses | Spotlight on Over Under

Today we introduce the wonderful Over Under on Hogarth Road, Toby’s favourite local coffee shop.

Tell me… why Over Under?

The company was actually founded back in 2017 by Ed Barry, and his parents are from New Zealand and England, hence over under. And also it works extremely well with the concept of what we have going on here in Earl’s Court, which is a coffee shop during the day changing to a cocktail bar in the evening.

So when does the bar open and when does the cafe close?

The cafe is open Monday – Friday from 6:30am to 4:30pm and then it takes about an hour to switch everything over, and the bar opens at 5:30pm Thursday and Friday.

What’s your favourite speciality cocktail?

We’ve got an amazing cocktail, a grapefruit negroni, which is to die for. Everyone should try it!

And what sets you apart from normal coffee chains?

Well firstly, the quality of the coffee. We do speciality coffee, working with the guys from assembly in Brixton. The coffee that we get is exclusive to Over Under Coffee and that sets us apart. The coffee is hand-picked too, we can tell you exactly where the coffee has come from, from what farms, who produced the coffee and we’ve got that knowledge behind us. We try to implement that culture of knowing what we serve and where it comes from.

Over Under was voted number one on TripAdvisor, that must make you very proud!

Very very proud indeed, I mean everyone has been working so hard and one thing that we try and do is to look after all people. We get a lot of regulars, we know them by name, we know their order and it really helps. We really bond with them which is amazing.

You do a variety of coffee flavours, which is your favourite?

We’ve got one at the moment which is Honduras, which is from Central America in the rainforest. It’s very chocolatey, nutty and it’s got a hint of cherry as well. It’s my favourite!

And what else do you serve other than coffee?

Food! Amazing, amazing food! It’s quite straightforward but done amazingly well. We’ve got Elena in the kitchen who is doing an amazing job. We’ve got American style pancakes, nice and fluffy, with plenty of maple syrup. And then we’ve got the traditional grilled cheese, reuben toastie; everything is handmade, we make our own reuben sauce as well. We’ve got granola bowls and plenty of healthy options as well, plenty to indulge in.

Very nice.. my mouth is watering. I’m a bit of a square suit, all the rest of the people in here are rather groovy. Am I still welcome?

Of course! Everyone is welcome here, everyone who enjoys coffee and good food, just come as you are.

And most importantly, are dogs allowed in Over Under?

Of course they are! We love them, we love dogs.

Well, we love Over Under!

Our Favourite Local Businesses | Spotlight on Over Under - tlc Estate Agents
Our Favourite Local Businesses | Spotlight on Over Under - tlc Estate Agents
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