Our Favourite Local Businesses | Spotlight on The Bolton

Today we introduce Eric from The Bolton on Old Brompton Road, Toby’s favourite public house.

How many years have you been a landlord in Earl’s Court? And how many years has The Bolton been here in total?

I have been here in Earl’s Court for about ten years and The Bolton nearly 5 years. The Bolton has been here in Earl’s Court for 110 years though in many shapes and forms, and currently I think is the best way!

Wow 110 years! When do you start serving and when are last orders?

Every day 12pm and then we close normally at 11pm, but at the weekend we stay open an hour longer until midnight.

Very good, very important to get here on the weekends especially. You sell an obscene amount of beers in here Eric, how many types do you have in stock and tell us a bit about your passion for pints?

Well, downstairs we have 150 different pints and upstairs we have up to 250 different beers, so 400 in total. Of which around 300 of them are unique to the UK. So quite an interesting beer collection!

Wow amazing! Give us a favourite of yours and a description of those wonderful delicious flavours.

Currently, in this cold weather, I would go for LG Mojo Imperial Espresso Stout at 14%.

14% Beer! Just pure dessert…

So you have a great food menu too, tell us a few highlights.

At the moment, definitely the best is the roast lamb, fresh vegetables and of course our favourite Sunday roast beef.

You have great live music here too, how often do you have live music?

Every Thursday night we have a live band – Blues, Jazz, Soul – and on the weekends we have a DJ who does his own set every night.

You have your wonderful function room upstairs, tell us about the Rembrandt room…

Well, it’s a mixture between food, drinks and arts. I love the arts besides obviously my passion for beer so it’s a nice combination. The Rembrandt has soft light as well so it works well for painting and drawing classes and all kinds of cultural activities. It’s a nice mixture of everything.

And can anyone hire it out?

Anyone can hire it out as long as you have the key objectives of beer, food, arts… we are all happy!

I’m happy with that, and do you still have the quiz nights?

Yes! Every Monday night at 7:45pm here in the main bar. There are prizes and drinks to win and lots of fun to be had.

And most importantly Eric, do you allow Baxter?

Dogs are very welcome! Of course!

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