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Mansion blocks | Why pay a premium?

New buyers often ask me why mansion block flats tend to have higher service charges than other period buildings’ flats.

The honest truth is that you get what you pay for.

In a period building that was converted into flats, typically you have stairs, an entrance and you pay for maintenance and insurance. Nice and simple, hence the lower service charge.

When it comes to a mansion block, it’s much more of a hotel experience, so let’s picture a scenario…

You get to the front of your building and as you’re searching for keys, the door is opened by the friendly porter* who’s noticed you struggle before you even look up. What a nice touch!

As you step in, you greet the porter and thank them, they let you know if your Amazon parcel has arrived yet as you welcome the temperature change. On a winter day, the communal heating* is a welcome relief from the cold winds you’ve been braving, and the cool air on a summer’s day comes naturally thanks to the thick, Victorian walls that stand the test of time (much like your investment in a period building will).

Your package did arrive and is rather heavy, so you opt for the lift* today, which takes you up to your floor. When you get in, you unlock the door to high ceilings (just like everybody else’s in the building, as mansion blocks were purpose-built to be flats). There waiting for you is the rest of your mail in your own letterbox*. As you sift through your letters, you’re pleased to notice that the porter let the cleaner in while you were out and your home looks spotless. That reminds you, the new carpets are being done in the communal areas next week, you wonder if the royal blue will look as good as you had hoped; everything is booked in and paid for out of the reserve fund*.

Next, you get ready for drinks with the neighbours, you can see them in the gardens already at the picnic table setting up.

You pop back down, beverage and snacks in hand and open the gates to the communal gardens* (for residents only) and breathe in the fresh air. What a great end to the day.

*All of these are examples of why mansion blocks are worth that little bit extra, and didn’t include your hot water, CCTV, insurance, cleaning, maintenance, and more!

It is worth noting that not every block is the same and these incredible benefits may vary.

Contact our wonderful sales manager Toby C and our caring and courteous sales negotiators Luc and Elodie to help you find the right property.

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Toby Brown
Sales Director

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