West Side Story | An Earl's Courtiers Production

June 22nd 2023 /Videos / Share this Article

Relive the magic of The Earl's Courtiers sensational summer production of West Side Story, a powerful and timeless story imagined by Arthur Laurent.

It tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers, Maria and Tony, who, despite belonging to rival gangs, cannot help but fall deeply in love with each other. Set in gritty New York, this tragedy underlines the themes of love, hate, and their consequences. It is poignant, it is relevant, it is beautiful!

This production was made possible thanks to the kind donation from RBKC, CLLL, ECDC. But these shows would not be possible without your contribution as well. You can donate directly to the Earls Court Community Trust by clicking on this link: https://earlscourtcommunitytrust.com/

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