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Back at the turn of the century, one could buy a full house in The Boltons for £3,200,000. So, only 8 times more expensive now then!

Over the last two years, the average price for a property here is £1,984 per sq ft and the best price achieved was £3,395 per sq ft – not much bigger than your computer screen!
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The design and planting of the garden enclosures has gradually evolved over time.

Initially, the two halves were designed to be matching and symmetrical, with two central paths running towards the church from the far ends of the vesica.

Later records, from the 1860s, have shown more ornate layouts which generally consisted of an open lawn with central paths and triangular flower beds, bordered by trees and shrubberies.

 Plans from the 1890s differed again, with the South Garden retaining a similar layout but the configuration of the lawns of the North Garden had changed with the removal of the central path.

In 1850, the church of St Mary was the first building to be erected in The Boltons, followed by the 28 houses that make up the crescent.

The gardens adjacent to the church were promoted as a valuable added amenity for the local residents.

A sale advertisement from the late 1850s, for a ‘villa residence’ in The Boltons, touted the privilege of admission to the 'select Promenade and Ornamental Pleasure Grounds' to the North and South of the church, for which the ground landlord added £2 to the ground rent. 

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No sorry, no dogs here, plenty of squirrels and birds though.

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